Are You Losing Prospects?
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12Cashflow Lead Conversion Concept Through Video Email Marketing in 12 Steps 

12Cashflow Lead Conversion Concept can be integrated with your Facebook or Linkedin

Are Your Prospects
Slipping Through the Cracks?

Are You Being Challenged
By Implementing Perfect Follow-Ups?

12Cashflow is designed to nurture your prospects by creating touch points that will build momentum and trust in your product or service. We bring your leads on a journey to become a prospect and then a Customer as they utterly understand how their pain points is resolved by doing business with you.

How It Works

Most business owners get plenty of leads. Your main challenge is to have a system that follows up on your leads so you can grow the necessary momentum and convert them into new customers for your business. We are all going to networking events on Zoom, but are you effectively following up 100% of the time? How many new customers are you losing because they slip through the cracks? Impeccable follow-up was labor-intensive and is a meticulous process. But not with 12Cashflow.


Start by asking how much does one new customer bring in new sales?

Can you really afford to continue losing new prospects?

At 12Cashflow Lead Conversion, we stop that from happening for you. We start with your lead information and integrate it into a uniquely designed communication strategy that involves 12 STEPS. The result is that your leads become prospects, and prospects become sales for your business.

step 1

We start with the leads you contacted and their information​


We set up process to create touch points


We create a marketing strategy through short videos


We reach out to your leads through an email drip campaign or social media​


We establish clear call to action​


We monitor each step of the process through a crm​


We grow attraction with your new prospect and build trust in you​


We measure engament as they view your marketing messages​


During the whole journey they always feel personally connected with you​


As interest is spiked, and they ask, “Tell me more?” we get you involved


We set up the meeting with you based on your availability


Now you are connected with your hot prospect, so you convert them into your new customer​

12CashFlow Prospect Conversion takes your tedious and labor-intensive efforts and makes them easy and simple. Our professional marketing team is trained in sales and customer support to care for your prospects. Our sophisticated process drives your leads through a journey of exposure to your marketing materials and short videos. We make sure your prospects get your info through Social Media or emails, creating those crucial touchpoints that build trust in you. Each touchpoint offers your prospect a unique Call to Action.

When they are ready, we set up the meeting as your marketing content is fresh in their minds. All you have to do at that point is take over and close your deal. Prospects can also be directed to your website to buy directly. 

If they are not ready to buy now, we direct them to a different campaign and continue to build awareness and trust in you. Again, we measure momentum and keep you posted when the time is right to reach out to them. 

Meet Your Lead Nurturing Team


Profit Improvement Expert

He helps Business Owners find new customers, grow their cash flow and lower operating expenses using a systematic approach to increase purchasing power and reduce potential revenue loss.


Strategic Prospect Builder

He is an expert at reaching out to leads and nurturing them through emails and videos using a uniquely designed strategy that builds trust in your business.

The 12Cashflow Concept is
your Solution if:

You can't handle 100% of your leads

Leads come to you from several sources: Direct Networking, Sales Funnels, Referrals, Social Media inquiries, Cold Calls, etc.

You have difficulty reaching out to your leads

You can't reach out to all your leads & prospects by email or phone. You are leaving messages, emails and very challenged to establish that first follow-up contact. Now you have lost momentum and a potential new client.

Once you connected they're not following up with you

You reached out, had a great conversation and sent some information to your prospect, now they disappear and don't get back to you.

You have no idea if they are reading the info sent?

You send out information to your prospects and have no idea if and when they opened it. We track that for you!

You need to develop trust with your prospect to generate a sale

You are challenged in creating touch points with your prospects to have them trust doing business with you.

The 12Cashflow Concept is
NOT for you if:

You're completely satisfied with your current business sales

Your product or service is in high demand, and your customers buy from you once they discover your company.

You have a follow-up system in place that works for you

You have mastered a system that gets you new business and you are satisfied with the results, no need to fine tune it.

It's ok for you to lose prospects and potential sales

You are comfortable with your current level of sales and don't really mind that you are losing prospects and leads

You have no budget in mind to acquire a new client

You know how much revenue a new client can bring you. Meanwhile, you have not determined how much you are ready to spend.

You have no interest to spend more on marketing

You are ok with your current marketing budget and your results. You have no interest to look at other options to get new customers .

At 12Cashflow Prospect Conversion

We create a communication strategy integrated with short videos and Call to Action.  We strategically send out Short Video Marketing content through Social Media or Emails or both to your leads that we are converting into prospects. When the time is right, we set up the meeting to connect with you directly, so you can close the sale.

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